The shock of beauty in an unsafe world

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These poems "speak a remarkable vision of the world. Anybody’s world, but one resonant with a landscape of scarred, bleak surfaces made real and welcoming by human resourcefulness. […] The many voices that inhabit the poems add up to a fierce, precise, cocky, compassionate, intelligent, observant, direct, and (largely) unsentimental work of art. The whole book is a sampler of unobtrusive poetic skill." - Ian Patterson: poet, translator, critic

"Caron Freeborn’s ear for speech, her eye for the strange and telling detail, her empathy with the outsider and the shock of beauty in her strange and sometimes unsafe worlds, push the boundaries of language and form. This is where poetry should go. Freeborn shows us how." -Elizabeth Speller, prize-winning poet and novelist

"There are so many truths you might take away from Caron Freeborn's extraordinary, ambitious poems, but I'll mention only these two: firstly, that Caron Freeborn loves language; secondly, that the language loves her back."
Joanne Limburg, Bloodaxe poet, novelist and memoirist

Photography Steve Armitage

Circaidy Gregory Press